D-Service Italia has the knowledge and expertise necessary to plan, develop and start brand and communication projects with a focus on 3D reality and augmented reality, tailored to the needs of companies and institutions as well as for entertainment.

A team of professionals dedicated to the design and implementation of personal interactive experiences in the sectors:

  • Formation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Tourism and culture
  • Brand experience
  • Gamification
  • Health

Augmented reality today is much more than an entertainment tool and almost all sectors are finding ways to apply this new technology to improve processes and results.
For example, in the field of education and training, enable a new and simple ability to perform and learn. In entertainment, ranging from games to virtual tours, including computer graphics experiences to live shows. Also sales of a product and everything related to business development, so that you can improve the customer experience with regard to the product you are interested in.

D-Service Italia can put dynamic and interactive content over reality through smartphones, tablets, 3D viewers and mixed reality viewers, with several applications in the commercial, technical and marketing areas.


In addition to creating videogames and brand experiences, D Service Italia specializes in the development of customized solutions for the company.

D-Service Italia develops digital stories and playful video stories applicable in events, fairs, ambient shows, corporate branding, direct marketing.
In 2019 D-Service Italia opened an internal studio specializing in the development of games for mobile phone devices and for virtual and augmented reality.