D-Service Italia is part of the Partners of the Federico II Foundation, a public law body, cultural and information body of the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

With the intention of enhancing the cultural heritage of Sicily and its artists, D-Service Italia is committed to the creation of the video game “Anna Belfiore – L’Intreccio dei qanat”.

D-Service Italia is a Salesforce partner, a cloud computing company based in San Francisco, California and operating in 36 countries around the world. It allows companies of all sizes and sectors to leverage the powerful technologies of the so-called fourth industrial revolution to get closer to their customers.

The company’s intent is to connect with customers in a whole new way – in marketing, in sales, in e-commerce, in customer service.

D-Service Italia is a Cloudflare partner, to create a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet safe, private, fast and reliable.

The goal is to provide security by protecting Internet properties from malicious activity and other illegal interference, while also allowing website owners to easily embed applications on their sites without the need for developer skills.