D-Service Italia wants to be an open door to technological innovation.
Since its inception, D-Service Italia has chosen prestigious partners with top-level management software solutions, trying to guide the customer towards the IT solution that best suits his size and needs.
The public administration and health facilities sector plays an important role for D-Service Italia.
High quality standards in the technical, regulatory assistance and consultancy service with products in continuous evolution and renewal in step with technologies.
Support in the management and maintenance of the software procedures used.
The large number of clients of the Public Administration has allowed D-Service Italia to know the problems thoroughly, study it and recommend the most appropriate solutions both in technical and economic terms.
D-Service Italia also designs and manufactures management software and innovative digital services, the result of high quality technology.


D-Service Italia offers virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and services and is among the first companies in Italy.
By exploiting the ability of virtual reality we create virtual content and personalized immersive experiences, to apply to any field and sector. Gaming and 3D games, corporate team building, tourism and museum spaces, educational, construction and real estate, social, furniture and much more still.
Mobile and transportable VR stations and booths, to bring the magic of virtual reality to your home, to your company or to the location of your event. The VR viewer is the novelty of the moment, a technological pass to enter virtual reality and experience a completely new form of communication and entertainment.

D-Service Italia deals with enhancing cultural heritage and tourist destinations through modern and highly advanced technological solutions.

We can work on every type of site and make it usable in an innovative way. The goal is to enrich the experiences of users who interface with the world of art, architecture and culture by providing new visit methods that stimulate the emotional and sensorial impact. The technological solutions are not only designed to involve the user’s emotions, but also to guide the artistic world.
Emotional and informative component are intertwined, increasing the viewer’s desire for knowledge.


D-Service Italia designs, creates and distributes native apps for smartphones and tablets, both for iOS and Android devices.
A valid digital marketing strategy cannot ignore the continuous growth trend of mobile devices on the market and their increasingly widespread use.
The widespread need is to be able to access the internet with increasingly comfortable and manageable tools.
By integrating web marketing, graphic design, development and communication skills, D-Service Italia offers an integrated service.
From project analysis to development, from content optimization to the communication plan, so that each valuable project grows under the banner of best practices and success.


D-Service Italia offers its experience for the development of online and offline creativity. In the creation of websites, in the design of portals and in the creation of e-commerce sites and software for the web.
Innovative strategies and in-depth analysis, methodological web marketing, optimization and positioning on search engines.
D-Service Italia offers high quality global consultancy: the result is a professional, captivating and easily usable image.


D-Service Italia deals with the strategy and management of social network channels (primarily Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter channels, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest and LinkedIn), social media advertising with advanced Facebook Ads management, creativity with images, gifs and videos.
D-Service Italia is far more active in the sectors of services to companies, tourism, retail and e-commerce.
Social Media Marketing services are now increasingly recognized as an indispensable and personal part of a Marketing Strategy aimed at communicating, promoting, selling and raising awareness.


D-Service Italia offers cloud services that allow you to manage, administer, store your data securely and offer high performance in a virtual environment.
Cloud solutions and services are innumerable and modular with each other.


D-Service Italia offers cyber security services, solutions and products.
Identify risks by defining routines and solutions that can guarantee data protection and security over time.


D-Service Italia provides technical assistance on calls or in contracts, remotely, for quick and immediate intervention, even if only to diagnose the hardware and software problem.

  • We offer a professional IT technical assistance service:
    Network analysis and control of computer systems.
  • Choice of the most suitable hardware and software solutions.
    Technical consultation for IT hardware and software.
  • Server design and installation with Windows, Linux and Mac systems.
    Installation and configuration of corporate networks.
  • Assistance and maintenance of corporate backup servers and data recovery from Nas.
  • IT assistance and maintenance agreements.
  • Maintenance of hardware and software on client-server computers, networks, switches, firewalls and backup systems.
    Monitoring service.